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Sep 29, 2011 4:25am EDT
. >> reporter: stacy henry visiting from michigan, says there are always a few folks making it look bad for others. >> i think you could say that about any company in any place in america, that there are people would don't do what they're supposed to do at times. >> now, matt tells us the issue really comes down to less than a dozen employees. the sent us bureau deshined our request for an on-camera interview. -- declined our request for an on-camera interview. >>> amazon is launching a new tablet called the kindle fire. it is half the size of an ipad and will be $200 when it goes on sale. the screen measures seven inches diagonally. it will run on a version of google's android software. we'll have a full report on some of the features of the new tablet coming up in our next hour. >>> reebok is handing out $25 million in refunds. the refunds will go to customers would bought reebok's easy tone shoes or apparel. the federal trade commission says reebok made false claims the shoes could top and strengthen muscles but there is no proof of that. >>> groupon is rewarding customers for their
Sep 6, 2011 4:25am EDT
doesn't give us what it used to give us in our par in' generation. >> reporter: in detroit, michigan, where unemployment is 14%, union members held up signs saying america ts to work while they waited to hear from president obama. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: the president's message that our economy works best when the middle class is thriving. mr.obama will propose more government action to boost hiring. >> the time for action is now. no more manufactures crises, no more games. now is not the time for the people you sent to washington to worry about their jobs. now is the time for them to worry about your jobs. >> reporter: the challenge is immense. there are 14 million unemployed americans and another 8.8 million who report working as many hours as they would like. companies concerned about the cost of benefits and the economy would likely add more hours before they added more workers. back in greenbelt, maryland, they're still finding reason to celebrate. >> >> say thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i run a nonprofit organization that i started myself. >> reporter: students
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2